Support Your Local Business Owners

rich french

There’s never been a better time to market your small business.

In addition to blogging a little, my specialty is working behind the scenes to setup shared postcard campaigns, screencast videos and pay per click Facebook advertising campaigns so my clients can consistently get more customers.

I’ve been setting up sales and marketing systems for over twenty years and I love to do it for local businesses.  I think it’s because I really enjoy working with small family owned and operated companies.

The big problem I solve is helping companies get their message out cost effectively in a very noisy world.

Maybe you are old enough to understand how voice mail changed things for sales people.  How low cost airfare changed business travel.  Fax Machines changed how you can send quotes just like Fedex did.  For me, it started with emailing my list of customers every week back in 1995.  I had to do it like I was printing a form letter in ACT, my all time favorite CRM system until they destroyed it with bells and whistles.  But back then it worked like gang busters and didn’t cost anything.

Around 1998 I found a program in Inc. Magazine (contagna? something like that) that allowed me to do a power point presentation to a group of people who could be sitting in their offices and login at the appointed time.  This is way before webex or goto webinars.  And I won a half million dollar project from IBM doing my little presentation. And then I walked over to subway and had a sandwich. That blew me away because I was selling voice and data cabling as a little contractor in Chicago to big time clients all over the country. Without having to travel no less. Wow. Cool.

But fast forward to today and I think screencasting is even more effective than all of those things, if you use it properly.  I am a fool for screencasting.  I screencast to my friends.  I screencast to my kids.  I have sold huge deals to very high end customers all over the world doing screencasts.  I love screencasting.  But I also know sales is sales.  It always has been and always will be.  Phones and faxes and computers and cell phones, and videos and tweets, and posts help but they will not replace people wanting to do business with people they know, like and trust.

In short. I believe screencasting can help with all aspects of running a business. It helps before, during and after a sale. I do it every day.  A lot.  It’s not the only trick in the bag but it’s a big part of it right now in addition to using retargeting to stay in front of the right people. I hope you find this site helpful. Rich French