Outsource Your Holiday Lighting

Northern Seasonal
2000 Lehigh Avenue
Glenview, IL 60025



Owner Ben Orr started out shoveling snow in Glenview in 1996 with little more than a few shovels, and eventually, a snow blower. Word quickly spread of his can-do attitude and knack for helping out his neighbors. Before long, Ben was able to buy his first plow truck in 2002. Snow Removal was the first service that we offered and still remains an important part of our business today.

Since our founding in 2005, we’ve been providing exceptional snow removal and holiday lighting services to the Northern suburbs of Chicagoland. In 2010, due to our rapid growth in both manpower and equipment, power washing and window cleaning were added to our list of specialties, providing Northern’s customers with a complete range of seasonal services.

We’d like to give a shout-out to all those that have supported us over the years! We couldn’t have asked for better folks to support us!

“Trust is everything. I go above and beyond for my customers to make sure that I don’t ever lose that. Our customers trust us to make sure that their projects get done in a timely, professional manner. I know we do a very good job living up to those expectations.”  Ben Orr

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